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Jordan Mlynar

What I like to listen to

Here is a list of artists, single tracks, or even whole albums that I think deserve a listen. I will skip any artists that I feel are popular or 'mainstream' enough that the average person has already heard their stuff or at least focus on some deeper tracks.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

If you have talked to me about music or about pretty much anything in the last few years, I have definitely brought up this band. While labled as "Alternative" or "Psych Rock", KG has a long list of genres under their belt. From metal albums about climate change, to synth-y cheerful albums, and even to a story driven western radio program musical, KGLW keeps your ears interested and you on your toes trying to figures out what they will release yet. And with 25 STUDIO albums (an additional 16 live and 6 Demos) out since their first in 2012, you are always waiting for another to pop up without warning. If you STILL are not sold, they have a bootlegger section on their site where they ASK their fans to bootleg a few studio and many of their live albums.

KGLW's YouTube Channel | Website | Wiki



Simply put, McBaise creates some of the most ethereal sounds and matching retro-aesthetic animations that scratches a cerebral itch in a way other vibey ‘lofi chill beats to study to’ artists just can’t reach. I was introduced to McBaise via a YouTube mix in a minimized tab that caused me to stop whatever I was working on to go bookmark this track I found myself swaying to. When I tabbed over I was met with beautiful vintage cartoon inspired visuals and I was hooked. I then went on to find some of his other music videos and added some of his tracks to different playlists. If you like to lay in bed late at night and let your mind drift away McBaise should be in your rotation.

Homepage | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Hideki Naganuma

How to with John Wilson

I was first exposed to Hideki Naganuma via the stronger half of Sega combo disc that came with the original Xbox I was lucky enough to be gifted when I was young. The soundtrack to Jet Set Radio Future was full of tracks and remixes of the likes I have never heard before. The energy was high, the beats funky, the samples obsure, and it always seemed to match they gameplay. Hideki was the primary artist majority of the tracks and for quite a few other video game soundtracks, all of which shared the same engaging style. On social Media he is a bit of a 'memelord' which frankly just makes him all that more charming. If you like one of his tracks you'll be coming back for more!

SoundCloud | Bandcamp | JSRF Soundtrack | Wiki

Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Hot Chip is one of those bands that I subconsciously knew from different media and when I finally found a name to match the memories I was sure to actually save them to come back later. As I dove a bit deeper I found that I really enjoyed their sound which reminded me of other groups such as LCD Soundsystem or Soulwax. They quickly found their way into the recovery Sunday morning music video hour (or hours) mix with their wacky, creative, or discussion provoking music videos that accompany their better known tracks.

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